Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.

Changing your eating habits brings a positive affect to your overall life by replenishing minerals which re-energize the body and immune system, and cleanse toxin buildup which includes the unclogging of arteries of cholesterol and saturated fat. 

"Your WILL is the strongest power you have, however we let the flesh control our moves due to sense of desire and need. Knowing the truth is half the battle, putting it in action is in our hands." 

     Ways to change your thoughts include changing your environment, the people who are in it, and spending time alone to get back into the "God Self" of who you really are (lose the influence of others). We all come from God, the source of life and we have forgotten who and what our purpose is in life. Yoga and meditation are awesome forms of rejuvenation to the subconscious mind. It is also an amazing way to naturally increasing DMT levels in the brain and increase the length of telomeres in your cells which is responsible for cell life; broadening the span of your life overall. When you can alter your perception, you can alter the world around you. It all starts within with the single thought of knowing its possible and wanting to make a change. 

The Goal Is To Alkalize The Body. Dis-ease Lives In Acidic Environments!


Why Diet

Live to Eat, Or Eat to Live?  

     People often believe that starvation is suffering from hunger and lack of food. It actually is malnutrition and deprivation of minerals the body is composted of. A person who eats 4 meals a day could be considered starving because fast food does not contain proper nutrients, in fact many products are chemically made (GMOs). 

     A diet is a specific intake of food for health or weight reasons. There are many different diets people go on, its just a matter of choosing which is for you. It is really important to listen to your body and observe what type of energy you get from what you consume. Do you put regular gas in a diesel engine? Typically things that taste good, aren't good for you due to the additives they put in it to increase shelf life and get you addicted which makes you a returning customer. 

     "You are what you eat." Everything you consume becomes a byproduct of your genetic makeup. This statement tells you that you create your body from the food you consume. The physical body is known as the food body. Skin conditions, for example occur when proper nutrition is not given. Food should be eaten as a healing aspect, making dieting count as internal cleansing because you then would be changing your cells from the inside out. Most people eat for pleasures of the flesh. 

Super Foods 

     Super foods should be ingested more due to a lack of nutrients in the average persons diet. These nutrient rich brain food are high in minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and amino acids which improve your physical and mental health. A list of them include key-limes, quinoa, flax seeds, moringa powder, goji berries, mulberries, acai, and seaweed to name a few.    

What is fasting?

     Fasting is going days without food, and is considered to be one of the best detoxes used in ancient traditions. Dry- fasting is only drinking water, fruit fasting is only the consummation of fruits. You can also fast away from things you do on a daily basis which include not watching tv, listening to music, playing games. Essentially taking a break from things that are done on a regular basis to get in tune with your self. 


     Detoxing is the ridding of toxins such as environmental pollution,  heavy metals, and chemicals within the body. There are many different forms of detoxing. Some focus on certain organs or systematic structures like colon or liver cleanses , while others are for mucus, metals, or general wellness. Other people incorporate various fasts into their diets .

     It is recommended that whenever on a detox avoid meat, dairy products, anything white such as bread, rice, sugar, ect. NEVER be fooled about protein or omega 3's!! You do NOT have to consume meat for protein or fish for omega 3's.! You can easily find loads of protein in water crest, avocados, artichokes, tempeh, miso, quinoa, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, hemp milk, and oatmeal. You can easily find your Omega 3's in Walnuts, flaxseed, canola oil, microalgae supplements, soybeans, or spinach. 

Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Vegan

The Pescatarian diet allows only fish and sea animals. Typically consuming dairy products as well. 

Vegetarian diets do not eat meat, or fish of any sort however; does still find it acceptable to consume dairy products.

Vegans do not eat meant, fish, or consume dairy products of any sort. 

Remember, it is all a process, so people take away a thing at a time (pork, red meat, poultry, then seafood) and allow their body to adjust. Once they are off meat, some claim to have more energy and say they don't get sick.. 

Alkaline Based

This is a highly electrified diet, the consumption of all natural electric foods typically given to rid dis-ease. Remember in science class we tested for the level of alkalinity vs. acidity in various items such as bleach, lemons, sodas, etc? This is a list of food verified by Dr. Sebi  which are alkaline approved which helped him treat people from all different types of illnesses. 


Avacodo - Bell Peppers - Chayote - Cucumber - Dandelion Greens - Garbanzo Beans - Green Bananas-  Izote - Kale - Lettuce -  Mushroom - Okra - Olives - Onions - Poke -  Salad - Wakame - Dulse - Arame - Nori - Squash - Cherry - Plum Tomatoes - Tomatillo - Turnip Greens - Zucchini - Parslane - Nopales(Mexican Cactus)


Apples - Burro Bananas Elderberries - Cantaloupe - Cherries - Chirimoya - Currants - Dates - Figs - Seeded Grapes - Key Limes -Mango - Melons - Orange (Seville or sour) - Papayas - Peaches - Pears - Plums - Prickley Pear (cactus fruit - )Prunes - Raisins - Soft Jelly Cocanuts - Sour Sops - Tamarinel


Armaranth - Kamut - Rye - Ted - Garbanzo - Fonio - Quinoa - Spelt - Wild Rice - Chickpeas


Allspice - Chamomile - Ginger - Anise - Elderberry - Raspberry - Burdock - Fennel - Tila


Hemp Seeds - Raw Sasame Seeds - Walnuts - Brazilian Nuts - Raw Sasame - Tahuni Butter


Olive Oil - Cocanut Oil (DO NOT COOK) - Grape Seed Oil - Sesame Seed Oil - Hemp Seed Oil - Avacado Oil


Basil - Bay Leaves - Cloves - Oregano - Parsley -Savory Sweet Basil - Tarragon - Thyme


Achiote - Cayenne - African Bird Pepper - Coriander (Cilantro) - Onion Powder - Habanero - Sage


Spelt - Armaranth - Kamut