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Caverse Benefit

*Remineralizes Teeth
*Reverses, reduces, or stops decay.
*Stops Bleeding Gums.
*Decreases Tooth Sensitivity.
*Stops or Decreases Aching Teeth
**Not: Safe For Children. 

What's so wrong with leading name brand toothpaste? 

     Have you ever took time out to look up the ingredients in your current toothpastes? Have you noticed the label that reads "if swallowed contact poison control." Most companies use fluoride and many other harsh chemicals that aid in the calcification of the pineal gland and are not healthy for you. Switch to a healthier all natural approach for a better you. 

About Caverse

     Caverse is 100% NATURAL with a pure taste and texture that leaves the teeth polished and clean. It's healing properties are great for the pineal gland, strengthening gums, and whitening teeth. It does not contain any xanthan gum, or xylitol which most natural toothpaste contain. It does contain minerals from the earth like sodium bicarbonate, himalayan salt, diatomaceous earth, and organic essential oils. Caverse is more like a cream and does not have any foaming agents. It been called "Cream of Nature" because it is clay based. Instead of risking it drying out over time, be sure to keep the cap securely on. It has a creamy texture and if it does happen to dry out, simply add spring or alkaline water to the tube. Seeing as how it is all natural, natural separation with the oils can be expected; occasionally shake before use. It does not contain any bonding agents such as glycerin which stops remineralization. Our company is working hard to provide top quality, however at the moment there are no labels that can endure the continuous pressing action of the squeeze tube. The label may come off. "It's about what's inside that matter most!" ***

**Disclaimer - Caverse is not a "magic marker" and will not reverse a cavity within a short period of time. As with healing, it is a process and the reviews left on this site, along with the before and after picture, are actual occurrences and opinions given by real people and their experience with the product. 


     Caverse was created to heal my cavity naturally, to avoid a filling from the dentist. I had been using baking soda to brush with for about a year, then switched to activated charcoal. Somehow a minor decal appeared (The picture to the left) and caused a little worry. Since I had already been on the path of self healing, I was then determined to remove the decay naturally without having to go to the dentist. By combining all natural products that I had been using for for their benefits, this creation was achieved. I then started started making it for my family back in 2018. After, I would meet many people who said they had cavities and the idea of helping others came about. The first product was sold late January, 2019 and many changes has been made to ensure customer satisfaction. It was not easy creating something that many would like but nonetheless I put everything together to make this possible today.

This is a before picture that was taken 3-4 days after I started using the toothpaste. It was slightly bigger then this. 

This picture was taken about a week and a half after I initially started using the toothpaste.  

Oral Care

     Dental hygiene is very important. As you can see from this picture, the nerves lead straight to the brain. Can you imagine the type of effect a root canal, removing wisdom teeth, or brushing with fluoride on a daily basis actually has on the brain and nervous system? To avoid root canals and the removal of wisdom teeth solve the problem before it becomes a problem. It is suggested to use a baby toothbrush to ensure proper brushing of molar teeth. The majority of toothpaste you see contains fluoride but using a non-fluoridated toothpaste isn't just better for your pineal gland but also assists in the decalcification process. Even some all natural toothpaste contain harsh additives to better the taste or texture but Caverse doesn't, it is 100% natural. It is vital to catch a cavity in the beginning stage to minimize healing time. 

The Danger of Teeth Whitening

     Have you ever thought about the color of bones? Bones are an off white color, between white and yellow. Teeth are bones as well and are not meant to be a white color. This is an illusion society has painted and created as a business. Teeth whitening is known to increase the sensitivity of the teeth.