Being a holistic practitioner is the core of my being. It has always been satisfying to study and learn the etiology of the essentials in life; which include science, nutrition, and epidemiology. I take it upon myself because I strongly believe knowledge is power, and I understand that pharmaceuticals' side effects sometimes outweigh the ailment at hand. I love to make people happy, and have always been a nurturer. As with many healers, my journey began with healing myself. I have a high intuition and evolution is my motivation.  

     In school I was an honors student, and also obtained my associates degree in liberal arts. I have a lot of experience with people. Having had many jobs enabled me to assist people in different ways. I have had my cosmetology license and applied it at a barbershop cutting men's hair and doing women's hair. I have also been an esthetician, done landscape and irrigation work, and have also worked in customer service providing for a major cable company. I also enjoy feeding the homeless in my spare time. Throughout my work history I have enjoyed the many smiles of satisfaction I obtained which has helped me realize my true gifts from God. There is a large spectrum of healing and I take pleasure in learning the many in which my gift bestows.  

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