Knowledge for the Soul

We have been taught through generations, according to a systematic belief structure that has been placed before us. We have forgotten master truths of nature's principles. Seek the truth as it resignates inside. 

What is Disease?

     Disorders to the bodily systems and function by way of toxins and buildup, causing symptoms such as pain and inflammation. Mucus is a major cause of disease and keeps you in a low vibratory state. It is a manifestation within your body and it can definitely be reversed if proper care is received.

Alkaline Vs Acidity 

Commercial Products

     Most commercial products contain toxic metals. The skin is like a sponge and is the largest organ of the body. Examination of the ingredients listed on your products is highly encouraged as well as discovering the side affects it has on your body. Most people cannot even pronunciate the ingredients listed on these products, which also tell you, they are man-made, genetically modified, and or unnatural. Deodorants cause breast cancer by clogging up sweat glands. Toothpaste calcifies your pineal gland, containing products like fluoride, triclosan, and diethanolamine to name a few. 

Foods are designed to be enticing and addictive. Every year 76 million people contract food born illnesses. 375,000 are hospitalized and 5,000 of them die.  

Mucus & Parasites

     Mucus membranes secrete mucus naturally for protection and lubrication of cells. Consumption of these foods create excess mucus which cause buildup and creates blockages and disease. All dairy products are mucus forming agents causing buildup and phlegm. The products listed are acidic and cause inflammation in the body.

     Parasites are organisms that live and feed off of a host, making the body its home and eating what it consumes. It is microscopic in many cases so it is undetectable in undercooked meat, unwashed fruit, human touch, and unclean water. Making its way into your system feeding and growing within your body.       It's no secret that meat takes longer for you to digest. Consumption of dead flesh is the intake of the pain and feelings of the spirit that embodied the organism. Larvae of worms called trichinella spiralis, other microscopic organisms that has grown on the animal, and also the man made additives to preserve shelf life. 

Fun Facts

Whats in My Food?

*Potato chips are high in carbs (sugar) and fat, but also contain sodium bisulfite which is found in anti fungal products and used in facial cleansers. This additive keeps the chips from discoloring.

A list of chemicals used in foods include: Arsenic, Antifreeze (propylene glycol used in soft drinks, baking products, icing, and artificial sweeteners), Castoreum (Beaver anal glands used in ice-cream), Coal Tar, Borax (aka E285, used in noodles and rice dishes), sodium bisulfite.

Chicken causes fibroids in women, and are contaminated with fecal matter, the skin gets ruptured by the digestive tract upon cutting. Organic chicken in comparison, has 84% contamination of fecal matter as well. Ask yourself is organic chicken cut in the same facilities as non organic and are those the affect of cross contamination? Ammonia is used to cleanse the meat which is also a chemical and does not get rid of all the fecal matter. Here is an article of a 

L- Cysteine is an amino acid that contains human hair, duck feathers, cow horns, and pig bristles used to extend shelf life in bread, and as a dough relaxant. It is also used as a component in reacted meat flavoring. 

Different types of worms include Round worms, Cecal worms, Tapeworms. Worms in the brain are called neurocysticercosis causing seizures, brain tumors, or even psychiatric depression, and dementia.


What does sugar do to the body? Enjoy this video showing how sugar dims your light on an energetic level. 

Colors like Yellow 5 and Yellow 6, which are derived from coal tar, and petroleum, cause ADHD like symptoms, hypersensitivity, food allergies. These dyes are also carcinogenic. it makes you sterile and lowers your sperm count. As you can see from the picture, the colors aren't just in candy, but in cereals, and a lot of processed foods.

Animal Cruelty

Each day approximately 160 million farm animals throughout the world are transported to a slaughterhouse, states (  So not only would you be doing your health a favor, but you could save animal life as well. After all, you are what you eat and these animals suffer as you can see from the link below how they are treated.