Let the Spirit Speak

Intuitive Readings

Energy Readings

     Energy readings are messages from the soul entailing what is currently happening to the consciousness from both and internal an external view. During the reading the client gains a clearer understanding of where their cognitive function and reasoning is resonating, why certain things are happening in their life, and how to better their circumstances. I do not offer psychic readings, but I do inform the clients of possible future outcomes if the current behavior continues. I answer questions that are unknown to the client including but not limited to dream interpretation, love life situations, and detoxification/ purification of the spirit so that they may come into a state of homeostasis. The information given to the client brings clarity and demonstrates how to materialize their desires. All of this is done by dialog, tarot cards, runes, and oracle decks. Readings are customized to fit the need of the client. The space that is provided is sacred and confidential. 

Soul Retrieval 

     Soul retrieval is the healing and recapturing of the soul, which becomes fragmented and lost in past traumas; resulting in an endless loop of continued misfortune. Extracting those shards to the present time to bring the soul back into harmony and wholeness. Soul retrieval is typically done through a multitude of sessions, not just one. In this way, it differs from energy readings.    

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