HEALTH is your WEALTH. For many it is a lifestyle change; for others it is a temporary change to overcome the current systematic reality. 

What We Offer

Information & Personal Assistance

"Those who know better, can do better." No need to run from problems, when you know the true source of it. Etiology is key.

What is Dis-ease?

Parasites and pollutants. Years and years of buildup, going without detoxification, and lacking exercise causes illness and or pain. Click below to find out more about disease. 


The change STARTS with you! There are things you can do to cleanse and better the body's systematic structure for pain, relief, and longevity of life. Click this link to find out more.

Self Healing

Unlock, awaken, and activate healing within you!!

     No matter your condition, religion, ethnic background, or past history, you have the keys to health, wealth, success, and happiness. Making the right choices and learning truths are fundamental in your approach to a better life. Seeking holistic help is always the best route to go because it fixes the root of problems. In essence your body naturally heals itself when proper care is given. Illness breeds in acidic environments which we create in our self, and most of the food we consume are genetically modified and highly acidic. The key is reversing the damages by inducing oxygen and alkalinity; the input matters. It takes dedication, hard work, and patients because healing is a process.

"In Order to heal, you must be willing to change."

     You cannot expect to heal in the same environment or situation that caused toxicity. This is why change is a must. It is seen in most times, it's hard to let go; however, you cannot refill your cup if it is already full.  


     The herbs are for the healing of the nation. There is nothing new under the sun, only rediscovered. In nature, not only do you find amazing herbs that aid the body, it is also where God given foods grow. Naturally electrified food that keep you charged and regenerated have a pH balance of 7+ and electric flow.

     Being born with gifts and purposes, creators have come up with things for the betterment of life, while others are focused on personal gain. For some, the lack of knowledge leads them into believing it is relieving to a human body. However the truth of the matter is, if it is unnatural it is unfit to be inserted into the body. Anything with a pH below 7 is considered acidic which some would say does not fit into the design of the human being. Over time, the affects are being shown

Decalcification of the Pineal

     Decalcification of the pineal gland is important if you wish to achieve a higher mental performance reaching your maximum capabilities and unlocking your gifts. This gland is also how you perceive things in your reality. Although everyone has eyes, many are blind to the deception and manipulation of others. This is what your "third eye" or intuition receives and protects you from. Once this has been activated and decalcified, it brings you a higher awareness to not only your frequency, but to those around you as well.   

What is the Pineal Gland? 

      This is the small endocrine gland that is located in the back of our brain; about the size of a pea, resembling a pine-cone hints the name. It produces melatonin, which is responsible for the regulation of sleep/wake patterns, seasonal changes, and is the gateway of your dreams. Many say this is where the soul lies. This is a picture of a calcified pineal gland overtaken by fluoride. Calcify meaning inflexible and unchanging, into the conversion or hardening into a calcium carbonate or insoluble compound. Fluoride is in our water supply, toothpaste, processed food, processed drinks, and pesticides which are on fruits and vegetables. This is the reason why people install reverse osmosis water filters into their homes, buy organic produce, and use all natural ingredients to insure a better quality of life internally.